RECON*: Framing a New Public Discourse.

Incarnate Word Foundation and its community partners will host opportunities to come together, learning and engaging in respectful discourse on race, religion, response to violence, evolving social structures, responsible use of social media, and other topics which have historically divided our community, wielding power to block present and future creative response.

Events and activities are planned to encourage and prepare participants to:

  • Recognize and own our fractured ability to share openly and respectfully disagree
  • Clarify, strengthen, and learn to articulate personal value choices based on sound information
  • Create Sacred Spaces for healing
  • Learn what other groups are doing, thus creating synergies and sharing resources
  • Identify and invite young leaders to adopt a reconciling spirit in shaping the future of the St. Louis area


“As a St. Louis native and a person who truly appreciates the beauty of our city and its people, I am grateful to be leading “Recon:  Framing a New Public Discourse.”  We need to RECONnect with each other, appreciating the beauty our differences bring to society.  We need to reclaim the ability to listen and disagree with respect for the other—no matter who that other is.  I am so grateful to Incarnate Word Foundation for conceiving this project and bringing it to life.  I encourage everyone to learn about the project and join us for our events.” – Sr. Helena Monahan, CCVI,  RECON Project Manager


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“The St. Louis Reconciliation Network is thrilled to announce its full support for the amazing work of RECONciliation in St. Louis to help bring the real change and true healing that our region so urgently needs.” – Dave Gustafson, Founder and President, St. Louis Reconciliation Network


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